Founder and Naturopath Libby Green is quickly becoming one of Perth’s most respected and trusted Naturopaths. After studying Naturopathy at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies, Libby has built her business from the ground up, helping men, women and children to combat ongoing health issues and to achieve their personal wellness goals.

With over 11 years of consulting experience in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy and Nutritional Medicine, Libby has built a loyal list of clientele who continue to use her services for their health and wellness needs. See what our patients have to say about Libby’s services here.

Libby has always held a personal interest in natural therapies and a passion for holistic wellness. She has a history of heart disease on her mother’s side of the family; Libby lost her grandmother at 52 years of age, her mother at 51 years of age and an aunty at 55 years of age. In Libby’s words: “My mum was taking many prescription medications which often had adverse side effects. I clearly remember thinking, even all of those years ago, there must be a more natural approach to help the human body to heal itself.” Libby strongly believes in her role to help educate and empower her patients, so they can make informed choices regarding their health and wellbeing.

Libby is a member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association).


The Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees in the world symbolising harmony and vitality.

Our Philosophy

“Prevention is better than cure”

Our Approach

Naturopathy is all about finding the innate point of balance within each individual. At The Green Gingko, we look beyond the symptom picture to identify and treat underlying causes of illness by considering you as a ‘whole person’ – mind, body and spirit.

Patients of The Green Gingko are provided with a professional and caring environment to discuss their health and wellness concerns. Natural treatment programs may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine, homoeopathic remedies and nutritional supplementation.